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Introducing the Boost Token!

Posted by VALLERIAA, on

Esteemed adventurers of SPP-TBC

The Instant 70 Boost system is now live and available to all player!

To acquire the Boost Token, you can conveniently purchase it from our official website store for 50 Donation Points. Upon completion of your purchase, the Boost Token will be sent directly to the character of your choice via the in-game mail system.

Once you have received your Boost Token through the mail, please bring it to Edward Van Boostie, who will be eagerly awaiting your arrival in the starter zone corresponding to your chosen race. Deliver the Boost Token to Edward, and he will initiate the boost process for your character.

Upon successfully delivering the Boost Token to Edward, you will be granted the following benefits:

- Instantly level up your character to level 70.
- Receive starter gear to equip your character for epic raids and adventures.
- Obtain a token worth 5000 gold, which can be sold for a significant financial boost.

Additionally, all boosted characters will now have access to a teleport spell to Shattrath, ensuring convenient travel to the main cities through the portal network. Remember to set your hearthstone in Shattrath to streamline your future journeys.

Please note that while your boosted character will automatically learn all the required spells from quests, further spells and abilities must be learned from trainers. Flying not included. You will have to use your gold on a ground mount that is specific for your race.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the Boost Token purchase process, kindly refer to our official website or reach out to our dedicated support team on our Discord server. They will be delighted to guide you through the necessary steps and address any questions you may have.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure through the Burning Crusade expansion and unlock the full potential of your character!

With this new system in-place we want to giveaway a brand new Boost Token to a lucky winner! How to win, send a DM to @valleriaa with "I want to win the token" a random person from the pool will be picked and announced on Friday 26th of April!

Wishing you extraordinary triumphs in your quests!

\- SPP-TBC Team